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Rain and Water Management
Rain and Water Management
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Scenario management and computation
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Kalypso Planer Client

Wykonane prace: Development of a decision support system as a planning tool for city planners in the context of urban flood management
Opracowanie: since 2008
Technologia: KalypsoBASE, OGC-Standards (GML, WMS, WFS), XPlan (

The Kalypso Planer Client is designed to support city planners in deriving strategic decisions while carrying out blueprint planning work. The tool allows for comparing different planning variants, it determines and evaluates the effects of planning variants on flood runoff and flood retention and aims at drawing closer attention of planners to potential flood risks. Being a tool for urban flood management it allows for optimizing flood relevant issues in terms of preventive flood control measures in the context of city planning.

The Kalypso Planer Client allows for designing and evaluating measures in terms of a central rainfall runoff management. The following measures have been implemented in the software which may be combined at random in a single project.


  • unsealing surfaces,
  • green roofs,
  • swale systems,
  • infiltration swale systems and
  • cisterns and small retention basins.

The Kalypso Planer Client comprises functions for

  • calculating flood risk statistics,
  • determining inundation areas,
  • determining damage potentials as well as cost-benefit ratios of measures and
  • documenting projects in a report on the basis of a built-in reporting tool.

The Kalypso Planer Client

  • is based on OGC standards (GML, WebMapService, WebFeatureService),
  • can be deployed in multi-tier architectures (Client-Server Application, Web Application) and
  • allows for dealing with model sequences via predefined process chains (Webprocessing Server).