Always with standards

It is important to us that standards which have been introduced by the W3C ( and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC, are met by our developments in order to be compatible with other software. For example, all Kalypso applications support the GML 3 standard (Geography Markup Language) by OGC. Therefore, means for integrating these applications into OGC compatible spatial data infrastructures are provided.


Software Platform

The open source project Kalypso is comprised of the Kalypso product and a set of applications and client specific developments which are based on Java technology. A common feature of all these applications is a spatial view on data.

From the technical point of view KalypsoBASE constitutes the basis for all these applications, KalypsoBASE has been conceived and developed according to modern ICT viewpoints.

These standard modules are based on the KalypsoBASE framework and are available as open source codes under the LGPL license free of charge. Kalypso applications are client specific developments which are also based on the KalypsoBASE framework.

Not only the public sector favors open source developments, but increasingly companies rely on open source for their developments. The advantages are obvious: There are no fees for purchasing and maintaining the software. Open source software can be adapted to ones own needs, a dependency on single vendors is avoided and the investment in the software (training, staff expertise) is future-proof.

Kalypso applications are implemented as "rich clients" which provide the user with a powerful set of features for his specialized tasks. Typical applications include decision support systems and modeling systems in the areas of water resources management as well as nature and landscape conservation. On the basis of KalypsoBASE applications for flood forecasting, precipitation-runoff modeling, hydraulic modeling and assessing of eco-morphological conditions of creaks and rivers including evaluations of nature-oriented measures to reduce flood risks have been built.

KalypsoBASE is a tool kit for developing applications with a focus on spatial (GIS analysis) and possibly temporal (time series analysis and processing) aspects and are processed within the Eclipse environment. Further information about applications which were built on this basis can be found at references.