Training modules

¹)The training courses for Kalypso WSPM and Kalypso 1D/2D also include training of the modules Kalypso Flood und Kalypso Risk Modeler

Training and Support

From our long lasting experience of applying models we know that using mathematical models is a complex task requiring extensive experience in this field.

The models require mainly empiric input data, model results must be validated on the basis of technical know-how. We offer special user training courses in order to build up the knowledge of our clients in this context. These training courses are carried out by a specialist teams from BCE and TU Hamburg-Harburg.

We also offer customer Support services for applying the Kalypso software. Of course, we also offer in-house training courses customer e.g. for setting up project-specific models with your expert personal. In order to find the best approach for your problem jointly, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the online contact form.

Our user training and user support services are organized module-wise. We offer user training and user support services for the following Kalypso modules: