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From our decades of work with numerical hydraulic models we know that the use of mathematical models is not trivial and an appropriate experience is required for operating them. Only a technically correct handling of the models secures that the modeling results are of high quality and justifies the expenses which are linked with the modeling work.

In this context we offer our help to you through high-quality training courses which are carried out by our experts.

We offer further support via E-Mail or telephone hotline. Details are listed in the training section.


Besides including standard functionality for hydrological and hydraulic simulation processes, Kalypso is equipped with a modern and user friendly graphical user interface containing a multitude of efficient tools which provide means for generating models (preprocessing) and easily analyze model results (post-processing) according to the users’ requirements. Kalypso is comprised of several modules which utilize a common data basis.

At present the following modules are available:


Kalypso Hydrology

is a software package for carrying out precipitation-runoff simulations. The standard version of Kalypso Hydrology contains the computation module from the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. This model allows for simulating the entire land-based part of the water balance on the basis of given precipitation time series. More...

Kalypso WSPM

is a module for computing one-dimensional water surface profiles. The standard version contains the computation module from the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg - also referred to as PASCHE computation module. More...

Kalypso 1D/2D

is a module for computing unsteady coupled 1D/2D flows for surface waters. Coupling in this context refers to a serial coupling of models, thus enabling to connect a one-dimensionally modeled river section with another section which has been modeled using the 2D model. More...

Kalypso Flood

is a post-processing module for determining and displaying inundated areas and flow depths on the basis of digital terrain model data and water surface profiles. Kalypso Flood works with ESRI ASCII grid formatted data with arbitrary spatial resolution. More...

Kalypso Risk

complements the post-processing palette of Kalypso with a module for determining flood risks along the course of rivers. On the basis of land use data and flow depths the module provides means for determining damage potentials... More...