The graphical user interface...

The user interface has been completely reworked and now supports an ergonomic workflow that guides the user through all modeling task of the model, such as data handling, model setup, calibration and result analysis.

Supported SUDS types are

Technical Bulletin of BWK 2/2001

Technical Bulletin of BWK 2/2001: Water Budget Models for Water Resources Management - Continuous Precipitation-Runoff Models

Kalypso Hydrology

is a software package for carrying out precipitation-runoff simulations. The standard version of Kalypso Hydrology contains the computation module from the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. This model allows for simulating the entire land-based part of the water balance on the basis of given precipitation time series.

In this context the processes of snow storage, evapotranspiration, soil water storage, groundwater recharge, surface runoff, interflow, groundwater flow and wave translation in open channels are modeled.

Features of the hydrological model

  • hydrological simulation is based on coupled storage elements
  • supported process elements
  •   - snow
  •   - evapotransiration
  •   - evaporation from water surfaces
  •   - soil moisture
  •   - interflow and groundwater runoff
  •   - flood wave formation in the channel
  • simulation of retention basins
  •   - up to 3 outlets and one overflow
  •   - optional simulation of evaporation