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Bj÷rnsen Consulting Engineers

Bj÷rnsen Consulting Engineers belong to the pioneers of mathematical modeling in the areas of water management and hydraulic engineering in Germany. For decades, we provide high quality services to our clients in the field of mathematical modeling for water resources management. In this context, we have always relied on transparency as an important quality criterion.

The Institute of River and Coastal Engineering, takes a leading role at European level in the field of applied numerical hydraulic simulation. The numerical methods which are developed and refined here are widely used in engineering practice. Following the scientific principle of transparency the Institute of River and Coastal Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg shares the developed algorithms as program sources on a self-financing basis with the expert world.

It was therefore consequent for Bj÷rnsen Consulting Engineers and the Institute of River and Coastal Engineering of Hamburg-Harburg to pool their resources in order to create a joint open source modeling environment. This framework is named Kalypso in memory of the beautiful nymph who attracted Odysseus so much while searching his Ithaca. We are providing our numerical models (binary versions), the application shells (Java codes) and the graphical user interfaces (Java codes) as freeware or open source software.